Neat Stuff:)

…some cool things I happen to find along this journey, of mine…



everyone should have a mug like this:)

(God is faithful; all His promises are true)

This will make my cup of chai green tea soo much better:) 🙂


(july 13, 2014)



everyone should have a car air-freshener like this:)

this will make my commute soo much better.


(January 30, 2015)

car charm 2 car charmcar charm (guardian angel)

I now fully believe that I have the sweetest ride, in the world. (see above, for clarification…) 🙂 ^.^

-June 30, 2015

~ Tea Project ~

as salam alaikum, everyone…:)

I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced this, before, but I have always felt bad at throwing away tea packets. It always feels like such a waste (of memories, sipping tea and reading a favorite book, and a waste of other important stuff which I can’t really recall, at this particular time, but which surely exist)…e.g., what if I never find that particular tea, again? And plus, tea packets are just so cool–they’re too cool to discard..
So, I’ve decided to start this ‘tea project,’ which will (iA) entail me taking a snapshot (with my phone) of every tea packet I ever use (to brew tea with). The snapshots will be below. 😊🍚
Hopefully this may inspire you to make a soothing mug of tea, and de-stress, a bit
as salam alaiukum

tea 😍😍

(green tea w/ coconut, vanilla, ginger, and lemongrass) May 31, 2015

mint mint 2

purple purple 2

green with lemon June 28, 2015


~ project began Sunday, June 28, 2015 ❤

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