Qur’an & Hadith 

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The below materials include Quran.com, which is a website that offers authentic English translation of the noble Qur’an, + a link to the scholar Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s English translation and commentary of the noble Qur’an (his translation + commentary is one of the most widely-used, among English-speaking Muslims), + a Youtube video in which the 30th section of the Qur’an is recited. The video contains an audio of a voice recitating the Qur’an, & visual translation of what he is saying.



*Entire Qur’an Translation (link)


link to Quran + its commentary/exegesis:

(in ebook form): ⬇️





Video Recitation + Translation of the 30th section of the holy Qur’an (I actually created this video, myself….kinda nervous about how it turned out …(and this was like four years ago 😯😮 ..time really flies by before you even know it.

-fact: I actually created this video while I was away at college (like in my dorm room, at Mason (gmu)… 😭😭kinda miss those times. Four whole years!

anyways!!: pls enjoy this vid.!! ↓



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