If I was a Christian, I don’t think I would like it/it would sit well, with me that my Lord and Savior is white. If my God has to be a human (which, in Islam, is completely blasphemous—to say that God is a man is not only a fallacy (the definition of God is “a being that is supernatural…not of this world, and far, far above His creation), but it is highly offensive, in Islam. It’s like trying to mix dirty and contaminated oil with pure and fresh water (us faulty and flawed and messed-up-in-many-regards human beings with God–the “pure water.”). But if my God has to (for some strange reason) be a human, I would much rather prefer Him to be “no race”—not belonging to any race.

Because; how can God have a race? I know that people/most practicing Christians already believe that God is a human (the second aspect of the holy Trinity), and that, therefor, he must logically have a race (since most humans belong to certain race(s), I take it….

But; the original idea was wrong. God cannot be a human.

And if he was;

Is it really fair to women that He was a man?

And; is it really fair to blacks (and Asians, and Arabs, and Latinos, and everyone else) that he is white?

I know it probably sounds really crazy to picture God (or; an aspect of God, in the case of Christians/the Trinity) as being black, or brown, or a lady….but that’s only because everyone is conditioned to believe that God is/was a white man. >.<

(By the way; Blacks and Latinos and other races have sensed this dissonance, I think…and that’s why they created images (e.g., paintings, etc.) of God/Jesus as black, as Latino, and etc:

(https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296252481708866658/ )

And; they have the most valid point, in the world; Why not? Why can’t God be black? Why not Latino? (The fact/answer that; “because he was white” doesn’t sit well with many people. Why did He choose to be white? Why couldn’t He choose to be a human, but race-less? The fact that He “just chose” white is kinda slighting to non-whites.)


In islam, things are completely different.

In islam, we don’t believe Allah, s.w.t. (God) is masculine, at all. He is not a man. Nor is he a woman. He is genderless. (Completely! Feminists—male and female—you can breathe easy).

I heard that the pronoun “he” in Arabic (huwa, in Arabic) does not denote masculinity, every time. It can mean “genderless.”

So, basically (as I understand it); it would be rude to refer to Allah s.w.t. as “It.”

And; the only one left is “She.” I think* (this is just my theory) that since Allah s.w.t. created Adam first (and then Eve…Hawaa, in Arabic), His preferred pronoun follows his sequence of creation. He could have created Eve, first…but then again, He (Allah, s.w.t.) wanted Adam to be the leader of the couple (not superior, in any way….but just having more responsibility than Eve does.)

So, Allah s.w.t. wanted his preferred pronoun to be similar to His first (human) creation. And since we use “he” to refer to Adam (his being a man), we use “He” to refer Allah s.w.t. (but this “he” is genderless, of course….since Allah s.w.t. does not have a gender. He is not a human. He is far above having any “male” body parts, thoughts, or emotions….or having any “female” organs, thoughts, or emotions.

How high (and removed) is Allah above what they ascribe to Him! (verse from the noble Qur’an.) (this, by the way, is the first time I deeply appreciate this verse. I’ve heard it forever (“subhan Allah,” in Arabic), but I never really realized how deep and powerful and crucial it is to understanding who Allah swt is. 😮

“How High is Allah above what they (the humans) ascribe to Him” is so…great, in a way. 😮

One of the 99 names of Allah; “al-fardd” (meaning; the Unique One.) “unique” meaning not like anything He has created.

“there is none like unto Him” (last verse of the 112th chapter of the noble Qur’an).

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