prostrating flower
An Islamic belief is that everyone and everything on this earth is a Muslim (the sun, the moon, vegetation, animals, etc.), because Muslim means “one who submits herself (or; itself, in the case of non-sentient or non-living creation) to the will of Allah.” (I think the more accurate definition is actually; one who peacefully submits itself to the will of Allah.*) E.g.; the planet we all live in is in a state of submission, carrying out the will of its Creator. It is in harmony with what Allah decreed for it. (E.g., it cannot stop turning on its axis, or rotating around the sun. If it did so, I think even modern science recognizes that life would be in danger.) I drew this flower as prostrating to Allah, s.w.t. (glorified and exalted). The story behind it is; The owner of it placed it in a vase, but the flower wanted to prostrate to Allah. So it burrowed its way out, and prostrated. (It couldn’t reach the ground, from its place in the cup). 😊 ~ Alhamdulillahi (all praise be to Allah) that we have a religion that is so in tune with every living thing, and every non-living thing. Allahu Akbar (God is the Greatest). #Islam.

jazak/i Allahu kheir for viewing!

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