As a person who suffers from major depression and comorbid disorders, and whose symptoms, both past and present (e.g., psychosis, severe anxiety, cognitive difficulties (like extreme lack of concentration) made/make functioning in this thing called life extremely hard, i say that the only thing i really did today (i didn’t–couldn’t–do any of my homework, didn’t go outside, didn’t really do much of anything called “getting something done” by most people), was that i prayed all of my prayers on time, and did the best i could do, with kushu’. So… today was a great day!!! alhamdulillahi.

all allah s.w.t asks of me is that i obey Him (which includes treating all others with respect and compassion, praying my 5 daily prayers, etc.). And even if i fall short in these, Allah s.w.t. is most Kind…

and: praying, to Allah, s.w.t. is among the most productive and greatest acts you can do…so, alhamdulillah!! i accomplished something great, today, in teh sight of Allah! 🙂 (may allah swt make the salah easy on you and me, aameen).

some people may look at me as a pathetic mess, I know…But to Allah s.w.t., i know that I (at least today) am among the successful ones, even in my difficulties..As the Qur’an teaches; “O you who believe, seek help through steadfastness and the Prayers (salat). Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere.” [2:153]

(may Allah s.w.t. make me among the believers, and those who are steadfast, and those who persevere…aameen).


jAk for reading this!!!!!!! may allah swt bless you….

as salam alaikum wa rahamt Allahi



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