Submitting to Allah s.w.t. sets u free..Being a slave/servant of Allah sets u free. It may sound ironic…But serving Allah, doing only what He wants you to do, lets you see the sweetness and joy of life–You become obligated to do freeing and beautiful acts, like praying, fasting, worshipping, giving alms, and saying good things. And it releases you from being a slave to anyone else, in the world–(like your “friends,” who pressure you to do negative things (drink/smoke, etc. The command of Allah, which is always goodness, supersedes the peer pressure of your “friends,” in this case).

I’d rather be a slave of Allah, who wants only good for me, who is the Most Compasionate and Wise, and who created me and who has the most authority over me than anyone else in life.

~as Salam alaikum!


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