I think a person spends so much time trying to be a writer, an artist, or any other similar pursuit, that she forgets that she already is one.
But too many people want the prestige that may or may not come with being in that profession.
What’s important to remember is that the process is so much more important than the result. One small example; if u put all your focus on being the greatest writer, you may reach that goal, but the joy of writing will be evaporated.
Point that I want to make, the most; don’t get caught up in the frenzy of “one day, I’m going to be a great writer”…and feel incomplete because “you’re not there, yet.” You may not be there, but it doesn’t matter–it’s not the label that u have that matters, after all; it’s the spirit u have towards the work that u do. And it’s the “who you are, right now” that matters. Right now, what r u? A writer? All u have is right now, really. What u may be in the future is so … Irrelevant. Cherish the now…it is no less honorable than what u may be, in the future. (A poet in the beginning days of her writing life is just as special as her being the world poet laureate, later on…after all, it was the first step that initiated the whole thing. Beginnings and middles are so precious–even if no one else gives u a gold trophy for them.)

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