Quranic Verse

“And Allah calls to the Haven of Peace, and guides whom He wills to a straight path.”



Actually, I was (just now) listening to the recitation of the chapter where this aya (verse) is found…it was a video with the English translation given along with the Arabic recitation (as there usually is). I actually do understand a substantial amount of Arabic, but then again there is quite a substantial amount that I dont understand.. Anyway, the recitation had come to a point where I was having trouble understanding the meaning of what it was saying, so I decided to open my eyes and look at the video (to read the English translation–I had been listening to the Arabic (lying down on a blanket) with eyes closed.) and subhan Allah-right when I looked at the video, the verse that came next was “And Allah calls to the Haven of Peace, and guides whom He wills to a straight path.”

What a perfect aya to fall upon! I want the Haven of Peace so badly (Jannah…), as do all muslims..this verse reminded me to ask Allah s.w.t. for it. He is samee’ al du’a (the Hearer and answerer of supplication) …so in a way, why not ask Him for it? Allah does grant certain blessed people with the highest of paradise–so why not you? Why not me? Just ask Him for it.


No righteous person will ever have his du’a blown away..if you ask Allah for Jannah, He will surely give it, to you (He was planning to give it to you, anyway).

But I also think that a “Haven of Peace–Dar as Salaam” can be had right here, on earth, too. It is in the form of Allah’s peace– the stillness and contentment that comes from it. It is just that this haven of peace is not *the* Haven of Peace. That is a little later (insha Allah). 🙂


as salam alaiukum wa rahmatal Allah.

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