The One Thing that took my Prayer to the next level

May Allah reward the brother for writing and sharing this..I really liked this article.
I have to admit that my own prayers are severely lacking (effort, emotion…and that ever important quality-Khushu’). if Allah s.w.t. Would judge me on the quality of my prayers….it would probably seem to Him that I just don’t care, enough đŸ˜¦ but my resolution, which I will now make every year (starting with Ramadan–so i am now working towards next ramadan) is that i will not miss any prayers (unless of course, out of forgetfulness or sleep) ..I.e., no more make up prayers. The time is now, for myself (to do that)…and also: i will have more of a connection with Allah s.w.t. ..I will (also) use the advice by the brother to see prayer as a gift from Allah to me…a loving gift…*not something I have to do, for Him (subhanA-He is far above that.).
I really* want salah to be the sweetness of my life and the coolness of my eyes, like it was for the prophet. .(p.b.u.h.)
This article was a reminder to me that i have every power to make it so! đŸ™‚


“If you do this right, the world around you will start to disappear from your consciousness, it will evaporate, and you will get to a stage where you only feel Allah’s presence and yourself. Don’t hold back, but let your soul yield itself to its Creator and Cherisher. From this state a sense of security and peace will emerge. Allah’s sufficiency will become self-evident, other worldly goals will seem so futile and unworthy, and a realization that you have touched a deeper part of yourself will emerge. Allow yourself the luxury to stay in this state of mind for as much as you can. The more you do it, the better you will become at it.”

mA. Jazak / jazakum Allahu kheir.



Like everyone else I have had my challenges with the Prayer. For quite a while I was frustrated with the level of focus and khushu’ that was at best slim. Therefore, I understand the dissatisfaction some of you feel towards their level of khushu’. At one stage of my life I came to a tentative conclusion that some people were destined to have more khushu’ than others, that some were born with the tendency to develop khushu’ while others were not. Unfortunately, I thought I was among the latter!

However, Allah has blessed me with a persistent and annoying dissatisfaction with lack of focus and khushu’ in my Prayer, that it was easier for me to do something about it than just to live with it. When that point of transformation tipped I found myself gravitating to lectures and books that focus on one’s inner experience of the acts of…

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