I recently (yesterday) switched my major, in college.
I used to be a Communication major, and now I am a Creative Writing major 🙂

I have actually spent all of my college life (until now) trying to find the major, for me. When I was a freshman, I wanted to be a Religious Studies major. I ended up declaring an English major, though.

After some time (a semester, I think) as an English major, I thought I would switch to what I thought of as a more “focused” major (which was Communication). But after a year as a Comm. major, I have realized that it isn’t for me.
It’s kind of funny–I feel I have grown, as a person, and that that as changed my preferences and goals.

As of yesterday, I am officially a creative writing BFA candidate. :)) and I think one way of my knowing that this is the program, for me, is that now, I feel like slowing down, in terms of going through college. When I was a Comm. and English major, all I ever wanted to do was graduate–leave college as soon as possible. But with this creative writing major, I actually want to study, and learn, and take my time:) (That’s because I really like the subject, I think.)

I know that there are some who don’t appreciate such a program/degree. But the reality is that we need everybody, in life. we need writers. we need chefs. we need graphic designers, and artists.
.. *we need everybody.
the attitude (that is even prominent in the Muslim world) that some professions are more honorable than others is totally contrary to what is taught, in Islam: islam teaches that as long as a person’s work is halal (permissable, in the sight of Allah), that it should actually be perfected and done to the best of the person’s ability (because striving to be the best you that you can be is most honorable, in the sight of Allah, and b/c “among the best of people are those that serve their fellow men (**in whatever way they can)”. (the latter actually comes from a hadith–“kheir al nas anfa’hum lil nas.”)
i would love to be a grant writer for a mental health organization, and i know my creative writing degree (insha Allah–may Allah help me earn that) will help me, in that. *But, 🙂 -i adore the idea of being a creative writer, too. poetry, essays, short stories…those are all syrupy-sweet, to me. and being a creative writer is no less honorable than being a grant writer, to me.
(to be continued)…

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