thoughts ..

I actually think we’re (just finally) past the days where islam (as a faith) is considered “alternative” and outlandish.

islam used to be viewed as weird, and way out there…

But I think these days, it’s finally looked at by the technical majority (51% of people) as a religion–no different, more or less, than other religions.

Insha Allah,  there will come a time when it will be looked at by the vast majority as the faith that it is–the natural inclination of humankind–the continuation of the way of life of previous prophets (Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and all others).

I think during prophet Jesus’ second coming is the point in which everyone will accept Islam. Because he will come, and (as a mighty prophet of Allah) establish justice on Earth, defeat the antichrist…and there will be a period of time until his death of great peace (under the submission of Allah). (This has to do with the end times.)

as salam alaikum:)


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