“and the minutes and months and years that drift by, graying away his youth…
he spent is hours in quiet worship, and the silent jihad for the truth.”

These words refer to the long length of time that prophet Yusuf (Joseph) stayed in prison.
He wasn’t even guilty of anything (as the Qur’anic narration goes), but he was grateful to Allah, and ever prayerful (even while in prison for a crime he didn’t commit).
May Allah’s peace be with our prophet, Yusuf.


“The Beautiful Story”
Road to Madinah
Dawud Wharnsby-Ali
(this Islamic song can be found on the sidebar).


There is an entire chapter called “Yusuf” (“Joseph”), in the noble Qur’an. It really is “a beautiful story,” as in brother Dawud Wharnsby’s (lovely) nasheed.
It can be found, here: surat yusuf (joseph)
one note: I would buy the physical copy of the Qur’an, to read the (important) commentary that comes along with the chapters (Unless a sound commentary of Qur’anic chapters can be found in online form).


as salam alaikum (…and happy eid!! can’t wait to go the Eid prayer, in a few hours:) will make du’a for all my brothers and sisters, in Islam:)))

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