a Du’a .. :)

alhamdulillah, was salatu was salam 3la rasool illah.


Ya Allah, ya kareemu, ya wadoodu, ya Raheem;

I beseech you in these last few days of Ramadan, the month in which you first revealed your message to our beloved prophet, the month of Baraka and peace,
and I beseech you with your loving grace,

-to make me of the mu’mineen and saliheen.
-to forgive me for all of my sins
-to help me with my five daily prayers–to perfect them (focus on them, pray on time, not miss any prayers, etc.)
-to free me from the shackles of hate, bitterness, spite, and envy,
-to make my dreams come true, and
-to give me and all of the believers jannat al firdaus al ‘ala.

Aameen, ya rab al ‘alameen


An Arabic Glossary:

ya Kareemu: O Most Kind
ya wadoodu: O Most Loving
ya Raheemu: O Most Merciful
Baraka: blessings
mu’mineen: pious believers
saliheen: the righteous (the highest definition of goodness that a person can attain)

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