Quote that i’m partial to ..

there’s a quote that goes something along the lines of: “be nice to everyone–you don’t know what battles they’re fighting.”
interpretation 1:
when a person acts unkindly to you, he is really only seemingly unkind. He (may be) is fighting issues–even evils–perhaps in the very moment of his talking/dealing with you. So, cut him some slack! He’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. (*maybe, of course)…

*while it’s true that there are some who have no excuse/reason to be less than cordial/polite/sweet/kind (i.e., they’re mean and cruel just because they choose to be that way–they’re not fighting any battle), I think a good number of people have serious issues in their lives (whether it be family problems, sicknesses, etc.) that truly makes them seem unkind. It’s hard to be top-of-the-line kind when you have a mountain that’s about to crumble, on top of you, after all ..

interpretation 2:
the sea of humanity, as you see it, is not (necessarily) comprised of happy people–not everyone is happy; there are some people who are suffering their own battles, who have a lot of distress…who would love nothing more than a way out. So shouldn’t you be gentle and kind to a suffering person?
-it took me years to learn this truth, by the way…
😢 it’s kind of a sad one ..

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