Islam and Feminism

whoever says Islam degrades women is very sadly misinformed. islam honors women. Here are just a few examples of that unmatchable respect and honor that islam reserves, for women: (in no particular order)

– hijab. (by covering her body, a Muslim woman forces others/society to judge her based on her character, kindness, personality, intelligence, etc…*rather than her body/shape/face/”beauty” (beauty is in quotation marks, here, because true beauty is on the inside, not outside, anyway..)
– who could forget finance? According to the rules of Islam, any money that a woman makes (through her work) is hers, to keep; she is not obliged to spend any on her family. Any share that she does spend to help her family (e.g., groceries, bills, etc.) is considered, Islamically, as charity (to her family)…iA I will post a link to this Islamic law, to detail it..
-work. a woman is not obligated to work, to provide for her family, in Islam. (A man is.) A woman can work, if she wants to…(and provided that her work is within the bounds of the shari’ah…e.g., she is free to wear hijab, etc.).
– women were treated with most reverence, at the time of the Prophet Muhamamad (p.b.u.h.) She was considered the equal partner of man…at that time, I believe the Church was debating if a woman even had a soul (and, if she did, if it was the same as a man’s, half of a man’s, etc.. quite despicable, really…)
– in the bible, Eve ate from the tree (“Of knowledge of good and evil,” as the bible describes), and subsequently, led humankind to its downfall (“Eve gave me from the fruit/it wasn’t my fault,” says Adam to God, in the bible. So, according to biblical narrative, it’s all Eve’s fault that we’re sinners.* But in Islam, it clearly says that both Adam and eve ate from the fruit. in one scholar’s commentary of the Qur’anic passage that talks about Adam and Eve (I think Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s), it even says that it seems (reading the verses) that it was more Adam’s fault, than Eve’s (since Adam was the leader of the couple).
-social rights. Islam, as it came with prophet Muhammad, gave women the right to work, own land, bear testimony (in court), and other acts long before other religions.
– Islam completely agrees with the idea of such things as “equal pay for equal work,” and other ideas, but it completely disagrees with such ideas as “women don’t need men, let’s take the men out of women,” and other such ideas. Islam teaches that women need men, and men need women; they are interdependent on each other. life could not go on without both men and women…
– last, but most important (on this list): Jannah! **please see “Women of Jannah” tab, on this blog, too read about the special relationship between women and Heaven (Jannah), in the (awesome, might I add) religion of Islam… 🙂
But brothers, don’t feel left out. since you have more responsibility than sisters do, your reward with Allah is huge (as well). May Allah (also) bless all of our brothers, in Islam, for all the hard work that they do, and for protecting their families, and providing for them (*Though Allah s.w.t. is the ultimate protector and provider), and for caring for their families, and for everything that they do! (aameen, ya Allah!) There are *no* men like Muslim men. may allah reward them, and make things easy for them. aameen.

*Islam dismisses the idea that the offspring of Adam are inherently sinners. “Every newborn baby is born upon the natural disposition of goodness, of purity,” Islam teaches. no one is born a sinner. (I think a person’s bad deeds (sins) begin to become recorded once a person reaches an age of phsycial and mental understanding (which differs, slightly, for everyone–some 12, some 16, some 10, etc.)

Tank you, tank you for reading!


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