A Letter…

dear high-school kids who made fun of me, because I wouldn’t join in in almost anything they would do (parties, girl-friend/boy-friends, drinking, swearing, etc….yes–public high school is no place for a Muslim child, I firmly believe),
dear strangers who whispered and pointed because of my hijab,
dear people who gave me a hard time when we were all engaging in conversation, because I would (in a kind and respectful way, of course) express what I knew pleased Allah s.w.t. (e.g. music is not part of the lifestyle of a Muslim, hijab is a certain way of dress, and is not open to interpretation, and so on), while they would express what pleased themselves (in all actuality),
dear society (media, government, schools, etc). that made me feel bad because I didn’t go along with their views (like, on extramarital relationships, gay relationships, drugs (“recreational marijuana,” I think it’s called, lately? Allahu al musta’an), etc.) :

look at me, now:

I’m still saying “La illaha illa Allah, Muhammadan rasool Allah.”
I still believe in everything Islam teaches.
I have not changed. while you (all) go with what is societally popular, I have Allah, as my guiding force.
I have more hope and trust in Allah s.w.t. (glorified and exalted) than I ever did.


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