One of my fav. quotes (applies to anyone struggling, in life)–

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

🙂 ❤

Allah tests those whom He loves… He wants you to be in a high place, in Jannah (insha Allah Ta'alah).

-With the first step in Jannah, you'll forget this all (another quote I'm partial to).

Lastly: Allah tests people based on the quality of their iman. If you have very difficult tests, that means your faith and sabr and religion is very strong… it's almost like a dance… life's difficulties swing backwards, with you, and you push harder against the difficulty, eventually taking lead of the dance, again. Eventually, you "win" the dance, although "winning" is not a part of it… difficulties and iman go together, and are inseparable, like the sun and (the) day. They are partners, so long as you are alive. (after death, in Jannah, insha Allah, difficulty will finally bow, away, and there will remain the faith that you had, in this dunya…but a thousand times brighter and more beautiful.)

🙂 ❤

Salam alaikum! -Ethar (Soosa)

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