Masha Allah. The prophet s.a.W. even told one of his companions that jannah (Heaven) lies at the feet of his (and all of our) mother(s)…
(To explain the chorus of this nasheed: the prophet told one of his companions (and consequently, the whole ummah), after he had asked the prophet “O prophet of Allah, who is most deserving of my respect, kindness, friendship, etc?” your mother. , the prophet (p.b.u.h.) answered. “Then who, o messenger of Allah?” you mother. “Then who, O messenger of Allah?” You mother, came the reply, again. “Then who?” Your father.

Ya Allah, give my mom, and all of our mothers Jannat Al firdaws for everything they have done, for us… even if one person’s mom passed away when the person was still a baby (pretty much) the mother still carried the person in her belly, for nine months, and then gave birth to her (or him).. so every mother has done a whole lot for her children, regardless (of such circumstances as the child not remembering her mother, or anything).

A mother is a most merciful person, helping her kids and loving them, unconditionally…


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