My advice to you:

dont ever let anyone tell you (whether directly or indirectly) that they’re better than you, or that you’re inferior in any way. Dont ever allow yourself to get hurt at someone else’s hateful, asinine behavior. No one can ever make you feel inferior without your consent (Elenor Roosevelt).

people tend to be envious and spiteful (sad reality), so they attempt to hurt you to in order to make themselves feel better.

Reality: I personally have only known a few people (ever) who are pure, in the sense of  truly wanting the best for others and who are not jealous or spiteful (those people of course are blessed and touched by Allah, s.w.t.).  there are so* many people out there who are lacking the moral character to…..forget* want the best for you and be kindly….to (even) have decency. This world is a harsh place, in many cases…many people who are in it make life very difficult for others. Allahu al musta’an.

May Allah give us enough faith in Him to hold our heads up, high, and laugh away any (foolish) attempts to hurt our self esteem or self worth.


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