regarding those people who are nasty towards you, rude, mean, who act upon the jealousy they have inside, towards you….*please* don’t give them the time of day.
I used to think that everyone in the world was nice (or at least decent), but I guess growing up and meeting “ugh”–worthy people changed my outlook, on that.
Whenever someone mistreats me, I feel sorry for that person (not myself). I feel sorry that they don’t have character (or, they’re lacking). I feel sorry that Allah s.w.t. is not happy with them, and/or their behavior, towards me. And I feel sorry that they are in a place, inside themselves, that they feel the need to hurt someone else, to make themselves feel better. 😦
*whenever anyone abuses you, (in addition to standing up for yourself, or just walking away, if you feel that the person/situation is hopeless (that is what I so, sometimes)), why not plan to make d’ua for that person? They obviously need something like the prayers of a decent person if they ever want to be someone in the eyes of Allah (s.w.t.) (because, at least in the moment of their abusing you, they are nothing, in the eyes of Allah). *remember: Allah hates oppressors/those who oppress other people.
*oppressing isn’t restricted to taking away rights such as freedom, food, or security. saying a nasty word, being cold, rude, and hateful is also oppressive–it takes away the person’s happiness and contentment. So, if you are a victim of verbal or emotional abuse, just rest assured that you are a mujahid…and allah loves al-mujahideen (those who struggle, in His cause).
I really hope that that helps anyone going through hardship at the hands of someone else.

as salam alaikum

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