it’s a common concept (out there) that Muslims impose their beliefs on others, causing other people to suffer injustice. That argument deserves attention.
but here is a great double-standard:
a lot of Western governments (America is a good example) support Israel (in a very twisted way, though). whether it’s because they believe biblically in Israel (as the holy land–the land of their Savior, the place in which the Last Day will begin, etc…), or because the American-Israeli relationship gives both governments certain benefits, or whatever, the outcome is that Israel is America’s spoiled baby. Palestinians are literally massacred on a regular basis, while America points out and talks about Israel’s right to exist, and other nonsensical phrases (that is such cruel language, too. It’s an irony of who has the (real) right to exist…..It’s not Israel that is suffering from being denied a right to exist. 😣
Anyway, here is the great double-standard: isn’t the greatest example of imposing your beliefs on others (and having others suffer because of your beliefs) that Western nations support, help, and protect Israel (at the expense of the Palestinians?) why should Palestinians suffer because America (and other countries) have religious beliefs about Israel (or whatever)? …In the first place, why should Palestine’s fate be decided by other countries? I thought every country was free from oppression by other nations, by default? I thought that when this rule was violated, other nations step in to help the oppressed country? Ya Allah, what is going on with the world?
So (back to the original topic), instead of talking about how Muslims don’t support abortion (unless it’s a necessity–like the life of the mother is at danger), homosexuality, or anything else (and how that imposes their views on other people), why don’t we talk about how the U.S. is doing the same exact thing, on a world scale? Palestinians are dying, regularly, because of U.S. and Israeli policies (and, of course, their viewpoints regarding safeguarding Israel).
salam alaikum..

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