What Allah s.w.t. is Not…

Allah s.w.t. (glorified and exalted) is neither male, nor female. He is genderless. (We just use “he” because we don’t really have a pronoun suitable for reference to Allah, in English or Arabic (or any other language, I take it? If there is a language with an exclusive pronoun for Allah,. well, then…I may just have to learn that awesome language and brag to other people that I can speak it).
Allah is not human.
He is not confined to a dimension… to say “Allah is in this statue/idol is (just) plain wrong. Allah is so incredible that He simply cannot be contained in a form. (*note: some people argue this point, and say: “I thought Allah can do anything. If he wants to be contained in a form, he surely can.” Well, the original thinking is wrong; Allah cannot do everything. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat put it very well: Can Allah throw me out of His kingdom? (Everywhere is His kingdom… so how can He throw me out of it?) another one: Can Allah create a rock so big that even He cannot lift it? (Answer: no! Allah simply cannot do that.) *But just because there are certain acts that go against the nature of Allah, doesn’t mean that Allah is limited in what He can do. Allah is all-able, most powerful.
-Lastly: Whatever you imagine in your head, that is not Allah. Allah is unimaginable. He is glorious, majestic, and beautiful, yes… but he is not anything that His creation can imagine.
–But. Don’t think about the essence of Allah. You will just become even more confused (said a wonderful scholar, who I forgot his name…. :
Also; if you ask too many questions about Allah (what does Allah look like? How come Allah isn’t like His creation?) then satan (the accursed, the outcast) will (eventually) plant the thought in your head: who created Allah? ***At that point, you whack Satan with the ever powerful belief: I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed.
But… just to answer the question “who created Allah?”: Allah is uncreated. True-it is difficult to fathom that everything has a creator, but Allah doesn’t. But that is one of Allah’s attributes (that He is un-created). Allah created everything, yet He is uncreated. We don’t know how He is un-created… i.e. we don’t know the inner workings of his infinite existence… But we know that it is a necessity that Allah is un-created. What I mean is: We all know that if Allah exists (which most of us do believe), then He has to be uncreated. *If He is created… then that would disqualify Him from being Allah. If He is created, then that would mean that another Being who is greater than Him had created him (Allah). But then, we would start the cycle, all over, again, by saying “Who created that greater Being? He can’t be uncreated–that doesn’t make any sense… someone else must have created Him”… and the circle would go on, forever. To keep our peace of mind/sanity (*and to follow what Allah s.w.t. already told us in the Qur’an, Hadith, and previous revelations), we say that “the One who created everything (Allah) is the God that deserves to be worshipped, and He is uncreated.” Period.
That’s it.
That’s all, folks.

Note: everything I put in this post, I learned in (very good) Islamic studies classes, while I was in school. I also read some legit Islamic books (what a teenage girl was doing reading books on Islamic theology–please don’t ask). So, all of the points I touched on are legit.

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