~may Allah’s peace be upon prophet ‘Isa (Jesus).

many people are (very) surprised when they learn that Muslims 1. believe in Jesus Christ, p.b.u.h., 2. they love and revere him very much, 3. consider him one of the mightiest messengers of Islam, 4. believe in his virgin birth, 5. believe that he will come back at the end of times to establish justice on earth and defeat the antichrist (among other tasks), 6. believe that he is the Messiah, 7. believe that Sadducees and Pharisees (I believe that is what they were called) persecuted him and planned to crucify him, during his life, 8. believe that Jesus performed many amazing miracles (by the permission of God), 9. believe that he was a gentle person who was most moral and pious, and 10. that Jesus is mentioned in the noble Qur’an much more than even prophet Muhammad (I think the figure is like 25-to-five).
I really like what one Islamic teacher said: We (as a society) need to wake up and smell the coffee–Muslims do believe in Jesus, and love him.
An Arabic Glossary (for the Arabic words used, in the video)–

-sayidina ‘Isa – our master/prophet, Jesus
-hawariyeen – disciples (of Jesus)
– subhana wa ta’ala (glorified and exaulted–a description of Allah, to be used after one mentions Allah)
– al-Yahood – the Jews
– surah – chapter (of the Qur’an)
-ayat – verses (of the Qur’an)
-Maryam – Mary, the mother of Jesus
-subhan Allah – glory be to Allah (a common phrase)
-ambiyah – prophets

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