10 things to do…Rajab, Sh’aban, and Ramadan Resolutions

as salam alaikum wa rahmat allahi.

Here are ten resolutions that I will try to work on and achieve during these blessed months of Rajab, Sh’aban, and Ramadan.

1. pray on time (every prayer), and try to focus on my prayers
2. eat healthy
3. forgive others who may have hurt me, in any way (the hadith of the man who is going to Jannah because he used to (daily, before he went to sleep) forgive others and clear his heart of any hatred or bitterness comes to mind, here)
4. communicate with others more, about the issues and problems I deal with (whether my family, health care providers, etc.), rather than keep everything to myself
5. live in the moment, rather than sorrow over past events, or worry about future ones.
6. dress (more) modestly (my choice of leggings (for bottom wear) has been questionable, admittedly…)
7. have more tawwakul (reliance, trust, faith) in Allah, s.w.t. “Wa ufawut amree illa allah, inna Allahu baseerun bil ‘ibad,” – (And I leave (the handling of) my affairs to Allah, for surely Allah is all-Seeing, over His servants”)–i.e., I won’t stress or worry about how things will go down, because Allah is the (real) handler of affairs, the Qur’an teaches us to say.
8. give mean/rude people the benefit of the doubt (e.g., my partner for my group project at school/the sales clerk at the mall/whoever was really rude, to me, but maybe s(he) is going through a bad day, of her own.
9. make more du’a for the ummah, and for my friends and family
10. clear my heart of any envy, bitterness, prejudice, self-hatred, or any other negative feeling, so as to let the peace from Allah penetrate into my soul, and uplift me
may allah help me with these goals, and help everyone

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