How Do I Become a Muslim? :)

as salam alaiukum wa rahmat Allah! (may God’s peace and grace/mercy/blessings be with you).

Q: “How do I become a Muslim?”

Part of me wishes the answer to that was some fancy initiation ceremony–maybe reading “The Opening” (the first chapter of the Qur’an) in Arabic, or meeting with a mysterious mystic or sheikh and meditating with him in hopes of receiving some kind of sublime spirituality., or something like that…
But the religion in the sight of Allah is always simple, in the purest way.
So, here is what you have to do to become a Muslim (in the sight of Allah):

-Believe firmly in the following faith: There is no god worthy of worship except the One True God (Allah), and Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah. (For former Christians {who believe that Jesus is divine/has any share in God’s divinity/has any divinity of his own}, they must add the phrase “And Jesus is (but) the messenger of God.”

I’m very sorry that it’s been a (very) long time since I learned about the preferred way of converting/reverting to Islam…so the next course of action may be (in fact) completely optional (and not “preferred…” —

It is also preferred that you utter the above belief (“There is no god worthy of worship except God/Allah, and…”) in front of an already-Muslim. If you don’t know any Muslims, then pay a visit to a local Mosque in your area (any will do–thankfully, there are no denominations, in Islam, for things to become unnecessarily complicated), and ask to see the imam (religious leader) in order to utter the aforementioned testimony of faith.


That’s it!

Congratulations, brother/sister–you are now a Muslim.
I ask the Most Gracious (al-Rahman) to make this transition and new journey to Heaven easy, for you.

Some advice in your new Muslim life:

-things may not always go easy, for you. I know this sounds contradictory to my previous words, but know this: Allah (glorifed and exalted be He–s.w.t.) tests those whom He loves. According to a sound hadith: the people that get tested the most, in life, are the prophets, then those most like them. so, be patient (and “Indeed, Allah loves (and is with) the patient ones” (Qur’an).

-Learn how to perform the 5 daily prayers *before you learn how to do anything else, in Islam. The noble Qur’an teaches us: “Indeed, successful are the believers who are cognizant of the prayers” (from the chapter called “The Believers”), and “Woe to…those who are neglectful of their prayers.”
Also, according to a sound hadith (statement of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him): the very first thing that a believer will be questioned about/examined on, on the Day of Judgment is her salah (5 daily prayers). If that area is good, then the rest of judgment will be very easy. (I *think* this is because only patient, believing, sincere people actually pray 5 times, a day…and so those are the types of people who are deserving to go to Jannah, anyway. Salah/prayer is a big test of a person’s character, in other words…)

-visit your local mosque (masjid, in Arabic) often. ask the imam of the mosque to get you acquainted with a few Muslim people (he will probably direct you, if you are a man/boy, to some brothers, and if you are a lady, to some sisters.) You need to have a strong group of Muslims surrounding you, for a good long while until you can learn the ropes (of how to pray, how/what to believe about certain topics, etc.). Actually, everyone needs Muslim friends to support and encourage them, throughout life. So, a Muslim support system is a must.

-last, but definitely not least: don’t (ever) forget to pray (“make d’ua,” as we like to translate, from Arabic) every day (if not several times, a day). “D’ua” is different from the five obligatory prayers (salah). We say “pray” in English/non-Islamic culture to mean “ask Allah for guidance, help, some worldly benefit, etc. But “pray”, in Islam, generally means to perform one of the five daily prayers (standing up, bowing, prostrating, and kneeling.) But! cutting all confusion aside, I’m asking/suggesting that you pray (as in, supplicate–raise your hands and talk to Allah) very often. No need to wait until one of the five dailys to ask allah for something…do it anytime you like! (right now is a good time, actually). Allah s.w.t. loves when His servant (you and I) supplicate to Him. (“I answer the supplication of the praying when he calls upon Me,” the Qur’an teaches us).

one last thing! Once you enter into Islam, you start life pure as a newborn baby. what do i mean, by that? **Sinles****! You have no sins, whatsoever–you are starting pure, after all. You just have to make sure that you don’t commit sins, and if/when you do, you repent, immedietly.

There is more to say to a new brother/sister, in Islam…but i think this these words are a (very) good starting guide.


As salam alaiukum wa rahmat allahi..

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