for anyone who doesn’t believe in divine destiny, this will change your opinion: just yesterday, while I was meeting with my academic advisor at school, I found out (for the very first time) that while choosing classes, I have to pick classes from the college’s (old) 2013-14 catalog year (the year I started college, there). If I hadn’t learned that, I would have taken classes (from older/newer course catalogs) that don’t count for my major….aka, I would be in deep trouble, in terms of having wasted time, effort, and money (in taking classes that wouldn’t count).

That was divine intervention, right there. 😞


Note**–this post was meant to be a laugh, for my fellow muslims. it wasn’t meant to actually convince anyone about divine destiny–I know that a (slightly silly) story like this cannot actually persuade anyone to believe in Allah, or His divine destiny.

But. now that we’re on the topic: divine destiny is real. According to a (I believe highly authentic) hadith: when a conception happens (I think when the fetus is 120 days old/four months), an angel writes down basically the life of that person: how long s(he) will live, whether she will live a generally happy or unhappy life, (and two more things…sorry…I forget). *But, the person’s prayers can supersede even the destiny that was originally written. E.g: When a believer prays to Allah, s.w.t. for a long, fruitful life (while it was originally written that she would only live to 15 years old), her prayer can be stronger than (even) the destiny that was written. (*******But that’s not to say that Allah didn’t already know that that believer would pray, and that that would alter the divine destiny. So, the divine destiny changing is also part of the divine destiny. Kind of confusing, I know! I think qadr (destiny/faith in destiny) is one of the more complicated subjects (in Islam).

May allah increase all of us in knowledge.

Jazakum Allah kheira for reading this.

peace …

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