once you stop comparing yourself to other people (especially in regards to life milestones, or achievements) you’ll be a much happier person. Once you refrain from thinking thoughts like “she got married at 21. I’m 25. Cry, cry…” (the “cry, cry” is especially too much. 25 and single is fine…) , you will be so much more at peace, with yourself.

another one: once you stop feeling bad that she got her first job at 17, and you got yours at 21, you will be happier.

*everyone grows and hits milestones at her own pace. life is not a competition. The only legitimate competition is the race to jannah, and jannat al firdaws (Heaven, and the most sublime rank in Heaven (al firdaws). ‘wa saari’u ilaa maghfiratin min rabikum, wa rahma…’and race one another for forgiveness from your Lord, and His grace,’ the noble Qur’an teaches us. (As far as I am aware, that is the only “race” that Allah s.w.t. wants us to partake in, in this dunya. Allah is most Kind…)

may Allah make us all more cognizant that the timing at which events in our life happen is not so serious.

and; iA, we can find peace from The Source of Peace (as-Salaam) when we get disappointed (or frustrated) with life.


~ I am peacin’ on out

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