assignment for ‘foundations of intercultural communication’ class

as salam alaikum wa rahmat allah! 😊 I really wanted to share this assignment that I just completed for my ‘comm 305’ class (foundations of intercultural communication). I don’t know if i’m allowed to share school assignments, on my blog…but o well! (and she skips merrily, along)…


Q: Identify some of the difficulties you believe humans face around the world in promoting world peace.  What are some of the barriers to world peace? As a student in this course, what do you believe would promote world peace, especially among nations that have conflicts?

(my) Answer:

A significant barrier that I believe humans around the word face in promoting world peace is the lack of knowledge on how best to promote world peace.

Though it may seem too innocent of humans, I think that humans are genuinely ignorant of proper ways to go about promoting world peace (and that that is a barrier to world peace happening). In many cases, people just don’t know that, for example, religion is a no-compromise area of life for many people, or that certain values are very important, to others. As such, people try to get others to loosen their religious traditions or practices, or to walk away from the values that are dear to them (in the name of promoting world peace). Though it may be true that if some people would (for example) loosen their religious traditions/practices, world peace would be more likely to happen (e.g., if the Islamic tradition of visiting the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem could be done away with, some of the Israeli/Palestinian {or Israeli/Muslim} conflicts would be solved), many Muslims will not cease visiting the Aqsa Mosque, because of their strict obedience to their religion. So trying to persuade Muslims/Palestinians to stop visiting the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, even in the name of world peace, would not be an effective approach to alleviating the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts. I think that those people who would try to persuade Muslims to not visit the Aqsa Mosque would be better off trying to get to the root of the Israeli/Palestinian problem, in their efforts to attain world peace.

So, I think that a lot of people go about trying to achieve world peace in the wrong ways (for example, they try to attain world peace from a “top-to-bottom approach,” like in the case of trying to persuade Muslims to not visit their mosque in Jerusalem—they “treat the symptoms of the problem”—rather than working from the bottom, up, and addressing the core causes of the problems, themselves. Striking at the core causes of issues in the world is the best approach to solving the world’s problems, and ultimately, achieving world peace.

(-Ethar Hamid)

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