-If My servant loves and anticipates the meeting with Me (in the Hereafter), then I (too) love and anticipate the meeting with her. But if my servant hates the future meeting with Me, then I too hate the future meeting with her/him. (Hadith Qudsi.)

Commentary: Allah s.w.t. is speaking, here. He (glorified and exhaulted) is saying in the most eloquent language that we humans can grasp: if a person loves Allah, and can’t wait to meet Allah in the hereafter, then (that means) Allah loves her, too. But if a person dislikes Allah s.w.t. (and therefore, dislikes the idea of the future meeting with Him), then (that means) Allah (also) hates that person, and hates the meeting, with her.

~We all have a choice, in how our relationship with Allah s.w.t. is. *Contrary to what you may have been told, Allah s.w.t. does not love everybody. (Hitler?) The idea that God loves everyone… well, I’ve never really understood it (to say the least). If God loves everyone, why is there a Hell, that some people will stay in for all of eternity? For the bad people “that He loves?” I don’t think so…

The reality is that Allah s.w.t. only loves a special group of his servants… and we ask Almighty Allah to make us of them. That is what all of our hopes and prayers ultimately come to…..




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