-the religious scholar at the end of the video says that if a person were a real follower of Jesus, he’d be a Jew, because Jesus was Jewish (he kept the laws of Moses, etc.). Well…yes and no (but mostly “no”).

*If the scholar meant by “Jewish” keeping the true, uncorrupted religion of Abraham and Moses-then yes, Jesus was Jewish. But then wouldn’t we have to call Muhammad p.b.u.h. Jewish, as well, for keeping the true, uncorrupted religion of Abraham and Moses? And also; what would we call Adam, then? He came long before Abraham and Moses. So what was Adam’s religion? (It can’t be Judaism, if Judaism came with Abraham and Moses, first).

*I think we have to change our terminology and language when it comes to religious labels..

There’s really no such thing as “Jewish” or Christian, if you look at it in terms of the men with whom the religions are associated. Really and truly, Abraham never preached that he came with a new religion, called Judaism, Jesus never preached that he came with a new religion, called Christianity, and Muhammad never preached that he came with a new religion, called Islam. All of the ways of life of the prophets were one, and the same. But we just happen to, being the followers of the final prophet (Muhammad), call the way of life “submission to God’s will” (“Is-laam,” in Arabic, the language of the prophet Muhammad). Because isn’t that what this God-pleasing lifestyle is all about, anyway? (Never mind the negative connotation that the word comes with, lately..)

~The concepts and the religion taught by Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, and all the rest of the Israelite prophets was not Judaism. Consequently, Jesus’s religion was not Judaism (let alone Christianity, unfortunately). (reasoning; Their religion being Judaism doesn’t sync with the idea that there were prophets that came before those men. Religion did not begin with Abraham…Abraham and Judaism were not humanity’s first contact with the divine. So if we (do) call Abraham’s religion Judaism, don’t we have to call Adam’s religion Judaism, too? I mean, there can only be one religion, in the sight of God…right?

This would work, but all secular religious scholars will tell you that Abraham’s religion was Judaism. *So how do we reconcile the fact that that we have different religions with the fact that there is only one true religion? Well, the answer lies in the fact that people have strayed from the religion of the prophets, making it their own religions. That is the reason why we have different religions, in the world, today. But if humans had kept the true messages of the prophets, there would have been one religion, throughout history, and today. There would be no group called “Jewish…” only those who had followed/do follow the religion of Abraham and Moses (the prophets of the time). There would be no group that call themselves “Christians…” only those who had followed/do follow the true teachings of Jesus (the prophet of the time). But, by the grace of Allah s.w.t., there were people at the times of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus who followed the true teachings of those Messengers (the Muslims. They might not have been called “muslims” at their time, because Arabic wasn’t their language, but they were certainly called “people who obeyed God…” in meaning, this label is “muslims”, in the Arabic language.)

As salam alaikum wa rahmatul Allahi (may God’s peace and blessings be with you) …

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