*as long as you’re a faithful slave of Allah, don’t worry about what people say about you..; the last time I checked, people said that the prophet s.a.w. was a liar, crazy, and possessed. .people said that Ibrahim p.b.u.h. was a liar, people said that Aisha radi allahu ‘anha committed adultery, people said that Ayyub (Job) p.b.u.h. was cursed….*obviously, ~people~ are not very good at judging others for who they really are. 😞

allah s.w.t., on the other hand, knows you, through and through. And His view of you is the one that (actually) matters.

Ya Allah, help us to rid ourselves of our worries about other people and “what they think of us.” And instead fill our hearts with concern of how You think of us (your opinion of us).

And allah, please bless all of us.

please help us.


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