I hope the people who made this video and the people who are in it don’t mind my sharing it, here…

May Allah s.w.t. reward the producers and speakers in this video with the highest of Paradise, for their efforts towards the deen. Likewise, may Allah s.wt. give every seeker of al-firdaus al a’la their wish.

May Allah s.w.t. give people (Muslims and non-Muslims, alike) a sound understanding of this deen. This video touched on such a controversial (many sides are strongly stated, from people, on this subject) issue, and I am pretty sure a lot of people don’t know the Islamic perspective on this topic. So may Allah increase us in knowledge, and may Allah give us patience with every difficulty we encounter, and may He guide us to His straight path. ameeen, ameeen, ameeen, ya rab.

as salam alaykum (wa rahmatulah)



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