the person sweeping the floors after the event at the masjid may have more fear of Allah in his heart (and be more pious) than the imam who spoke at the event. .

there is a hadith that goes like this: one of the most honorable people in Jannah will be a person who didn’t have much glory in this life–to the extent that there were few people at his funeral, when he died. he was not held in high esteem by many–correction; hardly anyone even considered him to be someone important. they don’t even notice his presence (i like  to imagine, for example, a custodian who cleans up in the masjid.) But in his heart is something special–the purest of imaan and good character. In the hereafter, he will be on a throne of dignity and honor.


*sometimes, the person with the most Facebook followers or the best-loved individual in the ummah has…and i’m really sorry to say…average character and iman. s(he) is put on a high pedestal because of his/her popularity, wealth, lineage…or other baseless traits. And the person who fears Allah the most is ignored (and, at times, even mistreated) by the ummah, instead of being “the best-loved one” that I was speaking about, earlier.

this ummah isn’t perfect, nor was it meant to be, but it will not be blessed by Allah s.w.t. if it treats people not on the basis of character, but on popularity, wealth, lineage, race, etc..

Just some thoughts..



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