“Rabee, ashreeh li sadree, wa yasirlee amree, wa ahlil ‘uqdatan min lisanee, yafhakqu qowlee.”

translation: My Lord, open my heart for me, and make my affair(s) easy for me, and remove the impediment from my speech, so that they may understand what I say.

We, as an ummah (Muslim nation) love this du’a (supplication). This is the du’a/prayer that Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) made to Allah s.w.t. while he was preparing to confront the Pharaoh.

Allah s.w.t. ordered Musa to confront the Pharaoh, and tell him that Allah s.w.t. wants Pharaoh to do justice to his people, to fear Allah, and to obey Allah. Allah s.w.t. also told Musa not to fear, and that He was with him, and that Moses would be successful.

As the story goes, (after Moses showed the divine signs to Pharaoh and his party), people around Pharaoh (the sorcerers who were trying to defame Moses) believed in Allah (the One True God) … they bowed down, in recognition of Allah. but Pharaoh, being the arrogant disbeliever that he was, disbelieved in Allah. Pharaoh and his army  drove Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt…When Moses and his people reached the Red Sea, Allah ordered Moses to strike the sea with his staff. He did, and the sea parted, becoming a walkway for them to cross through. When Pharaoh and his army caught up with Moses, and attempted to cross like Moses and his people did, the sea closed its water upon them. They drowned, and died as disbelievers. The Qur’an teaches us that Pharaoh and his party are in Hellfire, now (or, more precisely, they are being tormented in the grave, and will enter Hellfire on the Day of Judgment) for torturing the Israelites (among other things…such as declaring himself/Pharaoh to be God (Himself).

The story of Moses is in the noble Qur’an, in many verses.)

There are probably countless lessons we can draw from the story of Moses, but the one I want to focus on is the lesson of not dying as a nonbeliever. There are books that have been written (so much information is out there) on how everyone acknowledges a God, even deep down inside. And there is probably too much to say on why Islam is the final, true guidance from God. So going into all of that is difficult. So I will end with asking you to either 1) entertain the belief that is already a part of you, or 2) have an open heart, because hat is all that is needed to receive the guidance from God.

May God guide us all to the straight path (al-sirat al-mustaqeem), and may we all have eternal peace in the hereafter. ameeen.

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