I’ve always loved how the rules of Islam allow a lady to keep her hair in braids (if she wears her hair braided) while making ghusl (ritual bath), rather than obliging her to undo her braids.

this may seem like such a minor allowance/convenience, but any lady with Afro-textured hair knows what a rahma/mercy this is-seriously.

undoing braided hair that is afro-textured prompts a long process, as the hair has to be re-combed and re-braided, afterwards…which is…time-consuming, to say the least. (As afro-textured hair is often coarse and coily, it normally cannot be worn unbraided. So, if women who wear  their hair in braids were obliged to undo the braids for each ghusl, it would be more difficult for her to complete each ghusl.)

The fact that Allah s.w.t. knows my/our hair struggle (which, for some of us, has been going on since age two/since we had hair. lol…) makes me a very happy camper 😊.

note: course, coily hair is lovely, just like straight hair. Allah’s creation is always beautiful ❤ 😊 the debate on “what is good hair” that has been going on in the various African, African-American (and other) communities is so…baseless, I think. as long as you have hair, it’s good hair, as far as I’m concerned! Because Allah’s creation is good.

Love yourself–you are a special creation of Allah!:)))

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