Haqq ..

“Everyone has had thoughts of the opposite gender. Everyone probably thinks of the opposite gender, all the time. how am I sinful, just for expressing the feelings that everyone has? So what if I have a girlfriend? So what if I have a boyfriend?”

*This is not the correct attitude of a believer. Even if everyone (*for example) doesn’t pray their obligatory salat at home (and everyone knows this to be the case), it doesn’t make it ok for someone to publicly denounce salah, say that it’s a burdensome thing (astaghfar Allah), or anything of the sort. In Islam, there is the right of truth to be the truth…even if no one is practicing it. A person simply cannot publicly stand for something that Allah s.w.t. is against/has forbidden, even if everyone, in private, is doing that very action.

Even if I know in my heart (and I hope this ummah never comes to this) that hardly anyone gets up, for Fajr, or that everyone lies to their parents, or that there are many people who have illicit sexual relationships, it doesn’t make it ok for me to say anything against waking up for Fajr, or not lying to one’s parents, or not having illicit sexual relationships. This is simply because Allah s.w.t. has decreed the matter, already, and so the matter is truth, floating out, somehow, in the universe. I have no authority, whatsoever, to mess with that truth…no matter what everyone else is saying or doing.

-Ethar Hamid

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