Ramadan Essay

WIN_20141116_143821 WIN_20141116_145711

I realize this is a tad bit late.. 😛 (lol)

Also; I know that a lot of other people feel the same way about Ramadan in America (and the West, in general). *It may be harder, here, to fast during Ramadan, as well as pray five times a day, abstain from fornication, illegal substances, and the rest. But! the harder the test, the greater the reward, from Allah (s.w.t.). Never think that Allah s.w.t. doesn’t know your (daily) struggles. And, indeed, Allah loves those who struggle, in His cause. 🙂

Personally, I look at the difficulties of being Muslim in America as a ticket to entering Jannah…there is a special gate called bab al-Jihad, after all. 😉 🙂

may allah accept, from all of us (ameen)>

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