We, as Muslims, shouldn’t shun or humiliate people in our Ummah who say that they have homosexual desires or thoughts. They are still our brothers and sisters, in Islam. We as Muslims do believe that Allah s.w.t. will not accept a homosexual relationship, but how does that give us reason to treat people who have homosexual tendencies badly?

In my humble opinion, Muslims who see homosexuality in themselves are not sinners, nor are they bad people, in any way. To me, homosexuality will just be their test, in this dunya, just like mental illness is my test, or poverty may be someone else’s. Muslims who believe that they are homosexual do not act on the behavior they think suits them, best (homosexuality). This is a test, of course. By the same token, I do not commit suicide because of my depression and OCD–I keep on living, despite seeing the world as a frightening and torturous place. This is a test, too.

And Allah doesn’t give anyone a test that (s)he cannot bear. (Alhamdulillah).

-May Allah s.w.t. accept our efforts to please Him.

May Allah grant all of us Jannah, for trying our hardest to please Him.

Ameen, ya rab. (ameen, o Lord).

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