If people these days (and I’m not casting aspersions on anyone, walahi {I swear to Allah, glorified and exalted} are proud to be …


– alcohol consumers,

– not dressed, well (scantily dressed),

– profane (using profanity, a whole lot)

-and a host of other things,

Then why can’t I be proud to be Muslim? (and wear my hijaab? And pray, in soccer fields and corners and parking lots {wherever I can find an “ok” spot, really}, and say “la illah illah Allah, Muhammadun rasool Allah” {There is no god worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger?) I am what I am, too (you know)!

Just some thoughts..


One thought on “musings..

  1. **I hope no one thought I was casting aspersions on anyone–I really simply meant that Islam and Muslims deserve to have their own space, in the world, alongside people who ascribe to other ways of life/being/living. :/ 😛 sometimes, I can’t express myself, properly ..


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