Extremely Important Islamic Reminders:

Islam began as a strange thing (in the eyes of the people), and it will return to being a strange thing… so Tooba (i.e. Jannah) is for the strangers (Muslims). (Hadith.)

Commentary: Islam began as a strange thing, in Mecca, 1400 years back. It was strange to pray five times a day. It was strange to dress modestly. It was strange to give up alcohol, premarital relations, etc.

And; behold; the prophecy is being fulfilled, exactly (and to the letter): it’s seen as strange nowadays to pray, five times a day (especially in public, in a non-Muslim environment), it’s seen as strange to dress modestly (when everyone else is “dressed, yet undressed,” as Islam says), and it is seen as strange to abstain from alcohol, premarital relationships, etc.

(Practicing Islam, today, is {as difficult} as holding a burning coal , in your hand}. (Hadith.)

But! Just remember, believers and non-believers (alike): Jannah is for the strangers.

*I’m not 100% sure how the following  Qur’anic verse is, but, to my knowledge, it goes a little something like this: “…The unbelievers (now) laugh at the believers. But then (in the afterlife), the believers will laugh at the unbelievers.

So, take the command that Allah s.w.t. gave to our beloved Messenger, Muhammad, p.b.u.h.; “turn away from what they say (and do), for a while.” (Qur’anic verse).

Allah will apportion the Justice, on the Day of Judgment… and enough is Allah as a Witness.

**hope that helped anyone going through a hard time being a righteous, obedient servant of Allah! May Allah be with all of us (ameen). 😊🌈🌄

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