So I was in the U.A.E. last week, and me and my parents were making a road trip to Dubai. Along the way, as I was looking out the car window (as I tend to do a lot), I noticed a man on the shoulder of the huge and busy highway, with his prayer mat spread out, performing his salah (obligatory prayer). Cars and vehicles were zooming by, and he was prostrating and bowing and kneeling and standing (on the shoulder), because it is obligatory for him to pray.

After a few moments of complete and utter awe and admiration, I (of course) made du’a for the man, that Allah s.w.t. would grant him an easy life, in this life, and bless him with Jannah.

May Allah do the same for all of us, IA…. and may Allah help us all in our efforts to establish and perfect the prayer. I sincerely ask Allah s.w.t. to help us perform our salwat with diligence and commitment, to them… like the man on the highway:)

Ameen, ya rab!






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