added benefits of salah, prayer

added benefits of salah, prayer

I learned several years ago that placing the forehead against hard ground (like stone or concrete) helps release “bad energy,” for lack of a better word, going on in the brain or head. (maybe this is why the prophet and his companions used to pray on earthen ground..). but these days us muslims pray on carpet…hmm…(i have no idea if this is right, but i sometimes place a flat stone on the area of my sajdah so that i can possibly reap the benefits of placing your forehead on the ground.) iA I can find an article (or something) detailing what i am referring to. until then, this essay is really good, and it teaches us about the physical benefits of the prayer (an added bonus to the spiritual blessings:)

may we all keep up with the salah and may it give us peace and nearness to Allah swt..~ameen.

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