Thought-Provoking Hadith..

there is a hadith that says that on the day of Judgment, every prophet will come forward with his ummah-his followers; so prophet Abraham peace be upon him will come forward with his followers, prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be with his followers, and we will stand behind prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as he is the prophet of our time (and until the end of times–judgement day). but the hadith goes on to say that some prophets will represent only three people, some, two, others, one…and that there will be some prophets who were sent by Allah s.w.t. who will stand all by themselves, because they had no followers/no one believed in them. **this is the ultimate example that it doesn’t matter the popularity you have, or the amount of respect/reverence/honor/prestige/friends/acceptance/what-have-you that you have…-at the end of the day, the only thing that will matter is the quality of your heart; “man atta allahu bi qalbin saleem-the one who presents to Allah s.w.t. a sound heart (will go to Jannah). and (so) that’s the only thing that matters..

~(may Allah s.w.t. bless and send peace to all of our prophets and messengers…and may Allah send peace and blessings upon prophet-Muhammad. ~ameen)

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