women’s roles in Islam :)

What the brother says near the end is really touching. Here are his words:

“…But the issue, or the disease, that has come to us through the enemies of Islam (and they have managed to put this in the curriculum, in schools) is (the notion of); ‘O women, if you are not in the front line, you are not doing anything.’ They say; ‘you are staying at home, doing nothing.’ That’s not true. Some people are meant to be in the front line. Some people are meant to be in the second line. Some people are meant to be in the back line. And everyone is important. And everyone is doing a wonderful job. But the question here is; who do you want to get reward from? Do you want to get recognition from the people around you? If this is your goal, and this is the most important thing in your life, then you are not doing it for the sake of Allah, subhana wa ta ‘ala (glorifies and exhaulted be He). The true believers are waiting for their reward from Allah. Even if their names are not mentioned, even if they are working behind the scenes, they are important, and they are significant to the growth and the welfare of Islam and the Muslims. So only look forward to the reward from Allah, subhana wa ta ‘ala, and don’t expect recognition and gratefulness from people. This is how we become successful.

But if everyone wants to be in the front line, who’s going to work behind the scenes? (And sometimes, the work behind the scenes is more important than the front line.) This is a culture that has infiltrated our people (especially the younger generation) in that everyone (now) wants to be in the front line. And, for example, some of the sisters (who have very good intentions) don’t consider themselves to be in the field of da’wah (calling others to Islam) if they are not on t.v. screens, if they are not travelling alone, without a mahram (which they are not supposed to do), if they are not known all around the world, and if their videos and lectures are not on the web. If that is not the case, then they don’t consider themselves to be in the field of da’wah. And I assure you that all the (true) reward that Allah has prepared for people like al-Shaafi’ee and al-Bukhari…obviously, all the (true) reward will go to their mothers, because they are the ones who made them the way that they were. So be sincere to Allah, subhana wa ta ‘ala, and understand this guideline (that a woman is meant to preserve herself, her chastity, and the purity of her soul, at home). And the exceptions are dealt with according to the necessity. We don’t deny that. And prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, even told us that at the time of extreme fitnah (corruption), even men should do their best and try their best to stay at home. The prophet p.b.u.h. said that. At the time of fitnah, he said; “Be like the mats that you place in your houses.” Don’t go out. So, it’s better for the Muslims, at times of fitnah, to spend most of their time at home, where they can preserve themselves, preserve their families, and build their children (to become good people). And then, when they go out, their impact is strong, and they’re always positive-they’re always making a change, instead of mixing with the people, and getting influenced negatively, which would cause them to lose some of their iman (faith), and some of their righteousness.”

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