In the Park, that Day

Papers fly around me-the wind picks them up.

People and their kids walk, curious enough

To stop for a while.

I can hear the voice of a child

Asking questions about me.

Dogs bark, leaves fall of the trees.

The world is living, time marches on.

But I am in a trance;

Standing, bowing, prostrating, kneeling…

All while communicating with Allah, the All-Hearing.

it isn’t about the other people, making me feel like I stand out,

Or about the environment that I’m in; the fallen leaves blowing around me, a dog licking me, ladybugs crawling on me,

Or even about me, “acting weird” before everyone.

it’s about the chord that ties me and Allah;

getting near to each other,

reaching each other,

loving each other,

in the middle of the chaos,

in the park,

that day.

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