I want to be a poet in Jannah.

Standing on a heavenly stage,

the ambiance so perfectly arranged,

Reciting, as I sway this and that way.

I’ll stand at the mic, the room so dark,

The only light coming from my soul’s spark.

the blackness will be so concentrated,

As I glow like a candle God lit, and created.

I’ll continue my show; I’ll flow, as words go

From my mouth, to their ears, right down to their toes.

My words will glow inside their souls,

For I’ll be a poet in jannah, where the outcome is like gold.

The hall will be packed by the morning, by seven,

For people will want to hear the poet of Heaven

Rhyme, and coat them with blissful verse,

With only love of Allah as the writer’s source.

All eyes will be on me in jannah’s hall, on its stage,

As I amaze and daze the crowds, unafraid…

~by E. E. Hamid

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